Our Quartets, etc.

Although Toronto Accolades members are not presently involved in quartets, almost half of our members belong to Who Let The Girls Out, a performance group within the chorus which meets for regular rehearsals and takes on daytime show bookings. Our director, Wendy, is in a quartet called Skyfall, with three members of the A Cappella Showcase chorus, and they are making a strong showing at competition.

Who Let The Girls Out

Early in 2014, close to half the chorus eagerly signed on to rehearse together and take on daytime gigs for which the chorus as a whole is unavailable. The group puts on an average of 8 shows a year. Members enjoy the camaraderie and the additional opportunities to sing and perform.

If you would be interested in booking Who Let The Girls Out for an afternoon performance, email Judy.


Liz, Susanne and Sherelle, members of A Cappella Showcase, decided they would like to sing in a quartet. In March, 2015, their search for a baritone led them to Wendy, who had previously sung in Ricochet quartet with Liz.

All experienced quartet performers, they are excited to be on this adventure together. They enjoy giving performances in the community and competing at contest. They were certainly off to a tremendous start in 2016, taking third place medals at their first Area Contest, and placing 15th in a field of 36 quartets at International Competition. In 2017, their talent and hard work shot them all the way up to fourth place at Internationals!

back: Liz Travis (bass)
middle: Wendy Arnold (baritone) and Sherelle Kelly-Witt (tenor)
front: Susanne Hasulo (bass)

If you would be interested in booking Skyfall for a performance, email Wendy.