Our Members

Lorna Mulrooney

Bass, 9 year member of the Accolades

I grew up in the small fishing village of Heart’s Delight, Newfoundland, and am excited to say that while visiting there in August of this year bought a small home. We now have our own piece of the “rock”. Members welcome!

I first heard Barbershop style singing when visiting Disney World in Florida with my family about 37 years ago and was instantly enraptured. Some years later, in 1992, I joined Newfound Sound, the only chorus in Newfoundland. While singing with them, I served in many Board positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary and Public Relations. I also served as Hospitality Chair for one AC&C and co-chaired another.

I sang with Newfound Sound for 16 years until moving to Ontario in 2007, where I went seeking out a new chorus and was so delighted to find the Toronto Accolades. I immediately felt welcomed, comfortable and supported……..”You’re just like a bunch of Newfoundlanders!! ”

You are a wonderful group of women with great leadership and I am proud to be a member.

Christine Ho

Lead, 2 year member of the Accolades

My musical journey began in primary school with piano and theory classes, thanks to my mom’s support and encouragement. In high school, I learned to play the flute and continued performing in the orchestra at university, too.

Singing has also been on my bucket list of things to do! While living abroad in Singapore, I saw a poster for a people’s choir, signed up and participated in the Chingay Parade, an annual street festival. Inspired by Pitch Perfect and Glee, I also wanted to try a cappella and joined TAS Voices through a Meetup group. After moving back to Toronto, I came across the Toronto Accolades while searching online. Ever since then, it’s been a great experience learning and singing with the group. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive and positive!

I’m an engineer-turned-marketing consultant and love traveling, Zumba, hiking, baking and volunteering in the community. I also enjoy trying new things and recently started playing ultimate frisbee and joining fitness boot camps.


Congratulations to Judy Clarke, who won the Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award for 2016-17.

Other 2016-7 Accolades Award winners include:
30 Year Pin — Normi Chinchen
15 Year Pin — Nursel Oran
10 Year Pin — Fatima Rivela, Grace Uy
Ethel Potton Attendance Award — Gail Connor
New Life Member — Wendy Pegg

Board Of Directors

The 2017-2018 Toronto Accolades Board of Directors at Installation:

From left to right:
Lisa Taylor – President
Elsie Rueter – VP Prospective Members
Gail Mackey – Secretary
Lynn Robertson – Treasurer
Bev Jackson – Parliamentarian
Rhonda Mandelzys – Member at Large
Beth Mahy – Member at Large
Judy Clarke – Member at Large
Nancy Flagel (absent) – VP Current Members

We are proud to currently have three Toronto Accolades serving as Assistants to the International Board of Harmony, Inc.
These members are:
Wendy Arnold — Chorus Director Development Coordinator
Bev Jackson — Chapter Development Coordinator
Nancy Flagel — Music Coordinator

Music Committee

Members of the 2017-2018 Toronto Accolades Music Committee, Beth and Ana, strut their stuff!

The whole committee consists of:

Wendy Arnold– Director
Gail Connor – Associate Director, Baritone Section Lead
Bev Jackson – Music Chair, Bass Section Lead
Val Clowes – Lead Section Lead
Beth Mahy – Tenor Section Lead
Ana Hall – Music Librarian
Lisa Taylor – President of Board of Directors