Our Members

Nancy Flagel

Lead, 5 year member of the Toronto Accolades

Since an early age, I have enjoyed singing. At an early age I joined the church choir and also was in both the Junior and Senior band during high school.

Before joining the Toronto Accolades, I sang with The Thousand Islanders for several years when I lived in the Brockville area. They say once you sing barbershop you are hooked, and that I was. When I moved to Toronto, I tried a few other groups, but nothing compares to those barbershop chords.

Since joining the Toronto Accolades, I have served on the board as Ways & Means, President and, currently, VP Current Members. I also serve on the International Board as Music Coordinator. In November of 2018, I am excited and honoured to be taking over as Area 5 director.

I have two wonderful grown children and two wonderful grandchildren. My son, Chris, and his beautiful wife, Sandra, have blessed us with two amazing grandchildren, Emma and Owen. They make my heart smile. My daughter, Amanda, and her wonderful partner, Hala, have just moved to Barrie. My significant other, Mark, is so supportive of my barbershop hobby and is always there to lend a helping hand whenever the Accolades need some man power.

In addition to singing I also enjoy bowling and various crafts which keep me busy.

Su Paraghamian

Lead, 5 year member of the Toronto Accolades

Life circumstances did not provide me opportunities while growing up to learn a musical instrument or singing, although I always enjoyed singing. It has also been such a pleasure listening to a cappella (barbershop harmony) singing, and learning to sing has increased my appreciation of this complex style. Music at this age in my life has introduced me to pleasure unlike any other I have experienced in my life.

I am fortunate that my barbershop chorus ladies continue to inspire and motivate me to learn more, perform more and aspire to reach greater levels of satisfaction with performing in front of audiences.

I joined the chorus in February, 2013. Since then I have participated in volunteering my help at the men’s International Barbershop Convention that took place at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto. I have enjoyed the volunteer position with the board in the capacity of member-at-large-historian. Compiling a digital year book, chronologically recording our chorus activities, has been very interesting. I have also enjoyed volunteering to do physical warm-ups.

As my full-time career winds down, the chorus participation along with my other hobbies – reading, cooking, gardening, knitting, painting and traveling – will fulfill this new and bright phase of my life.


Congratulations to Bev Jackson, who won the Eileen Harmon Accolade of the Year Award for 2017-2018..

Other 2017-2018 Accolades Award winners include:
45 Year Pin — Bev Jackson
40 Year Pin — Gail Connor
35 Year Pin — Jane Drummond
15 Year Pin — Judy Clarke
10 Year Pin — Monica Kompter
5 Year Pin — Su Paraghamian
Ethel Potton Attendance Award — Judy Clarke

Board Of Directors

The 2018-2019 Toronto Accolades Board of Directors:

From left to right:
Gail Mackey – Member at Large
Wendy Pegg – Member at Large
Ana Hall – Music Chair
Judy Clarke – Member at Large
Lisa Taylor – President
Lynn Robertson – Treasurer
Elsie Rueter – VP Prospective Members
Rhonda Mandelzys – Secretary
Nancy Flagel – VP Current Members

We are proud to currently have three Toronto Accolades serving as Assistants to the International Board of Harmony, Inc.
These members are:
Wendy Arnold — Chorus Director Development Coordinator
Bev Jackson — New Chapter Development Coordinator
Nancy Flagel — Music Coordinator

And congratulations to Nancy Flagel, who will become the new Area 5 President in November.

Music Committee

The 2018-2019 Toronto Accolades Music Committee:

From left to right:
Gail Connor– Associate Director, Baritone Section Lead
Ana Hall – Music Chair, Music Librarian
Lisa Taylor – President of Board of Directors
Wendy Arnold – Director
Val Clowes – Bass Section Lead
Beth Mahy (missing) – Tenor Section Lead