What kind of time commitment is involved as a member of the Toronto Accolades?

Weekly rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., with a break of 2 to 4 weeks sometime during the summer months. In addition, we usually book half a dozen performances a year at charity events, seniors’ residences and community celebrations, which we encourage as many members as possible to participate in. Our annual Area Contest is held on the last weekend of May in the Toronto area. International Contest, if the chorus qualifies, is held on the second weekend of November.

Some rehearsal time should be set aside at home each week to learn and review chorus songs, but that time commitment needn’t be a heavy one, especially once you have learned the core chorus repertoire.

Email our Membership Chair, if you are interested in making music with us!

Do you have to know how to read music to join the Accolades?

You do not need to be able to read music to join The Toronto Accolades, although it is beneficial if you can. Besides sheet music, each member also receives a digital recording from which she can learn her part for each song.

What is Harmony, Inc.?

Founded in 1959, Harmony, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. It currently has 61 chapters and approximately 2,000 members. In keeping with the organization’s motto, “A Blend with Friendship,” many Harmony members develop lifelong friendships that span generations and know no geographic boundaries.

Harmony members take pride in the “one voice, one vote” concept applied to chapter and international government. Governed by an elected Board of Directors, Harmony, Inc. is divided into six geographical areas within the United States and Canada, with chapters stretching from Alaska to Florida, and Newfoundland to California.

What does it mean when you call The Toronto Accolades a “learning chorus”?

There are countless learning opportunities for enthusiastic singers in the chorus. Our director is an experienced barbershopper and quartet member who gives us the benefit of her experience in our weekly rehearsals. Coaches are also brought in to work with us on a regular basis. For those who wish to take advantage of them, additional opportunities for learning are available at an annual Area HELP Day which provides instruction and coaching on all facets of barbershop performing, and at various summer learning programs. There are also educational opportunities at the annual Area Contest and Convention. (AC&C) and International Contest and Convention (IC&C).

What is AC&C?

One of the thrills of being a Harmony member is the opportunity to participate in the yearly Area Contest and Convention. These are held each spring in each of the six areas to provide friendly competition, to educate members, to showcase choruses and quartets, and to encourage an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.

Those choruses and quartets that qualify in their area contests are eligible to compete in November at the International Contest and Convention. These are exciting events, whether attendees are competing themselves or watching and enjoying the contest with their Harmony friends.